Frequently Asked Car Loan Questions

We offer the best terms, best rates, and best down payment plans in BC. We will not be beat by anyone. Give us a call today so we can help you get back on the road.

Every car undergoes thorough independent inspections & reconditioning to ensure the safety of our clients. We make available comprehensive inspection and repair reports. We also provide a CarFax vehicle history report upon request available for every car in our inventory.

We match the personalized plan with our clients specific needs. Whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit; our veteran trained staff can put together the right auto plan packages for you.

We sell new or used vehicles of all makes and models, car, truck, Van or SUV. We also offer a loan which allows you to refinance your existing loan and in most cases help you lower your interest rate and/or monthly payments.

We will help you finance any new or used vehicle, ranging from SUVs, cars, trucks, or vans in all makes and models.

Absolutely. You don't need to be embarrassed about your credit situation. In fact, more than a quarter of people have less than perfect credit! We specialize in offering auto loans  for a range of credit -- Bad, Poor, Fair, Average, Good and Excellent. Our goal is to help you succeed with your auto loan by offering a suitable monthly payment, a competitive interest rate, and term that will make it easier for you to pay your loan on time. As an added value, we can assist you in rebuilding your credit thereby increasing your credit score.

Documentation requirements will vary from situation to situation. In general you may be asked to provide some or all of the following information: 1) Copy of your driver's license. 2) Proof of residence. 3) Proof of your monthly income. 4) Personal references

Loan amounts vary based on the value of the vehicle, credit history and other terms with lenders. As an example, if the value of the vehicle you are buying is $20,000 and your Loan-to-Value limit is 110%, then your loan amount will be limited to $20,000 x 110% = $22,000. Call us anytime at 604-563-9333 during office hours to speak with one our representatives.

We recommend applying as soon as you are ready and able to make steady payments. It takes time to rebuild a less than perfect credit score and the sooner you start the better. You might apply when you are in need of acquiring a new vehicle or are looking to upgrade your current vehicle depending on your credit or work situation. We don't recommend buying the most expensive car possible but also want you to feel proud of owning your new car. As such, we will help you find a good balance and something you don't have to second guess down the road.

The actual loan application is kept confidential. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously and do not share this private information with others. Our clients take comfort in the fact that there are zero fees required to submit an application using our services. You will be contacted by one of our representatives regarding your loan application. One of our representatives will acquire any additional information that may be necessary for your application in order to get the best rate, term and therefore monthly payment that is fair to you. You will be notified of your status of application once we have secured a loan for you. We will help you select your vehicle by researching our large network of dealers. Our goal is to make the entire process stress-free, convenient, and worthy of referring to friends and family.

There is ZERO obligation to use our services after submitting your application or at any time along the process. We do however insist that you make a firm decision and inform us immediately so we can contact the lender and inform them that you will not be taking advantage of their approval. We have a great network because of our time in the industry, connections, and excellent service and would not compromise this nor our integrity just to make a sale. We work with you to make sure you do not make a rushed and uninformed decision that you will regret down the road. We want our process to get you what you want even if it takes a bit longer for you to make a decision. We understand that sometimes the timing just isn't right and a no just means 'not now.' Should you decide to revisit us again in the future we can proceed again as normal to get you approved and start the credit rebuilding process ifr applicable.

We work hard to get our clients the best value we can for their next vehicle in a way that is reasonablle and fair. In many cases, a trade-in helps to reduce not only the loan amount but also the taxes that you will be paying for the new or used vehicle. A detailed inspection of your current car is required to evaluate what we can offer you for your trade-in. You may also choose to sell your vehicle privately if you would like to save additional cash. The only downside to doing that from what we have seen is that many people don't get around to selling their car (as easy as it is) and thus delay the process of getting their next vehicle. You also loose the tax savings of the value of your trade-in. You may contact us at any time at 604-3563-9333 during office hours to speak with one our representatives for more information on this process.

You can email us at sales@bcautocredit.com or call 604-563-9333 during office hours to speak with one our representatives.

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