Kelowna bad credit car loan

Kelowna bad credit car loan

We can help get you approved for a car loan regardless of your credit history.

Bad Credit Car Loans Kelowna

Do you have slow credit, bad credit, or no credit at all? That’s no problem for us at BC Auto Credit. You are not alone! With roughly one-third of the market-facing credit challenges, banks are more geared now than ever to work with a wider range of credit situations!

Most lenders are now working with individuals with slow credit, bad credit, and no credit. No matter what your credit history, you may still qualify for an auto loan. We at BC Auto Credit are committed to helping you as you improve or establish your credit rating. Securing an auto loan is one of the most effective methods of quickly reestablishing or building your credit, and we are here to help!

BC Auto Credit has an exceptional track record when it comes to getting people’s auto loans approved. We have approved thousands of people throughout British Columbia. Whether you’ve got slow credit, bad credit, or no credit, we can get you approved – often with little to no money down! As specialists in credit recovery, our finance team has the resources to get you approved, regardless of past credit challenges. We work with a number of lenders to get you approved and into a new vehicle you’ll love. We have a massive selection of used vehicles to choose from, over 1,500, and all of them pass a rigorous inspection to ensure they are in the best possible condition.

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What Car Loans Are Available in the Kelowna Area

Once you have a good idea of the car that fits your family’s needs, start looking into the different kinds of car loans in the kelowna area that are available. Qualifying for a loan can be a frightening process, especially if you do not have a perfect credit record, but there are places that want to help you get that car.

There are a couple of different kinds of car loans available: fixed interest rate loans, and variable interest rate loans. If you like to know precisely how much your payment will be each month, and the exact date it will be paid off, a fixed loan is probably the best plan for you. If you like to take small risks, that can have a nice payoff, a variable interest rate may be for you. When interest rates go down, you make the same payments on your vehicle, but the extra goes toward the principal, and you could pay off the loan faster. There are many options to consider when looking for car loans, and at BC Auto Credit we will find the best car financing option for you!


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